Thank You For Being Young

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by Andrew Lerner

Intergenerational equity has become the most sensitive topic in American politics. While phrases like “Ponzi scheme” and “generational theft” have become political sound bites, younger adults are indeed treated worse than older adults under major government programs such as Social Security. They can be paid less at work simply because they’re under 40 years old. They are inheriting astronomical debts from a generation of older adults that expends resources in unsustainable amounts. And younger adults cannot rewrite the rules because they’re banned by the Constitution from federal elected office.

So why is it so controversial to say that younger adults are discriminated against?

In “Thank You For Being Young…So We Can Dump Our Problems On You!” Andrew Lerner speaks directly to a generation of younger adults. As the head of a New York venture capital firm, he makes multi-million dollar bets on college-age entrepreneurs. He knows the hurdles younger Americans face as they seek high quality jobs. He draws on a wide variety of business, government, and societal trends to illustrate how most major challenges facing younger adults are exacerbated by age biases. And he is not afraid to call it discrimination.

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