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By Tweed Scott

This book explains why Texans are the way they are…where all that attitude comes from. As a nearly lifelong resident I knew that somehow Texans were just different than most folks. It’s like they’ve been cut from a different piece of cloth. All that attitude lead me to believe they possess another gene. I call it the T-Chromosome. I decided to go find it and I did.
I did discover there are four traits all Texans share regardless of where live. What was most interesting was how people who lived 4, 5 or even 600 miles apart could tell me nearly the same things. What is the common thread or glue that causes that to happen? You’ll how it all comes together in the four traits of Texans.
It’s a fun read; not heavy or academic. This book ties nicely with its parent work, Texas in Her Own Words.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/125341.

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