Sophie Writes a Love Story

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By Linda Kay

Sophie Writes a Love Story is the second in a series of books created in the memory of my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was given at her bridal shower in 1916 a set of five prints by C. Clyde Squires, a noted pulp artist. These prints depict five stages of love. My mother inherited this set of five prints from my grandmother, and always kept the frame in a prominent place in her home. The first book in the series is an expression of mother love, Annie’s Love. This second book is taken from the picture of puppy love. Sophie Lincoln recently lost her husband, Carl, to a long-term illness, and her children have encouraged her to move to a small house. As she goes through boxes of papers and photos in the attic, she runs across a box containing a ring woven of twine, and a chain. These were a gift to her in her youth by a special boy named Donnie. Sophie’s memories lead her back to her writing to tell a story of adventure with Sophie Writes a Love Story. She begins with excerpts from old journals she kept as a child with references to Donnie and the hideout in the timber, and she weaves the magic of story-telling into the entries she finds. Don Ribold is retired and alone and has become depressed with life in general. A friend convinces him to take up a hobby of painting, long forgotten, and makes an introduction to an art teacher who helps him get back into his work. Sophie and Don’s independence and individual pursuits of the arts will lead them to each other, and to a chance for love the second time around. Books by Linda Kay: “Flavors From The Past: Memoirs of Wilma Weiland Diekhoff” “Annie’s Love”

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