Smashwords Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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By Mark Coker, Smashwords

Last month Smashwords celebrated our ten year anniversary. We were founded upon Mark Coker’s radical idea that all writers deserved the opportunity to publish ebooks at no cost. We’ve always believed that you deserve to control how your books are priced, marketed and sold. We think you’re the future of publishing.

The year after we launched, we began opening up distribution to retailers that previously were inaccessible to self-published authors. Once our authors achieved mainstream distribution, they began climbing the charts and turning heads. In ten years, the amazing authors and publishers of Smashwords have sold over $100 million of ebooks at retail.

Thanks to the success of you and your fellow indies, more and more authors are aspiring to go indie first.

Every day we’ve worked to continually innovate new tools that give you an advantage in the marketplace. Every day, we’re working to connect you with more readers.

View Mark’s blog post commemorating our ten year anniversary at the Smashwords blog.

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