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By Mark Coker


Ninth Annual Read an Ebook Week Promotion Kicks off Sunday!
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The ninth annual Smashwords Read an Ebook Week promotion kicks off this Sunday March 5 and runs through end of day March 11.

Each year, tens of thousands of Smashwords authors, publishers and readers participate in this global ebook celebration which offers FREE and deep-discounted ebooks.

Authors and Publishers: Enroll now open at With a few clicks, you can enroll your books into coupon categories of 25% off, 50% off, 75% off or FREE.

Readers: When the promotion goes live on Sunday, you’ll find the promotional catalog on the Smashwords home page (or just go to, and be sure to check back often because thousands of new books will join the promotion during the week.

The special home page catalog enables readers to browse by coupon discount and filter by category, bestseller status, word count and multiple other factors. We also note the title’s coupon on individual book pages to encourage browsers to become customers.

The sale is being promoted to over one million Smashwords customers. Don’t miss out!

Please help spread the word to your fellow readers, authors and publishers. Encourage your favorite authors to add books to the promotion.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get the most out of the Read an Ebook Week event:

Authors and publishers: Enroll your books at
Visit the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week event page at where you’ll find downloadable images you can share on social media to promote your participation in the event.
For the story behind Read an Ebook Week, check out my interview with Smashwords author Rita Toews who founded this event 12 years ago, or visit her official event Facebook page
Every day during the week long sale, celebrate on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, blog, private mailing lists) that you’re participating in the event. Be sure to include a hyperlink to the promotional catalog at as well as a direct hyperlink to your book or author page.
Readers: When you discover a great deal, share it with your friends on social media. Be sure to tag the author (find their Twitter and Facebook addresses on their Smashwords author profile page) so they know you appreciate their participation in the promotion.
Authors and publishers: If you haven’t done so already, complete your Smashwords Interview. This is a great chance for you to connect with current and prospective readers on an entirely new level by sharing the story behind the author! Once you complete your interview, share it on social media.
The official hashtags for the promotion are #Smashwords and #ebookweek17
This promotion is exclusive to the Smashwords store. It will not impact prices at other retailers. Enjoy!

We posted about the promotion (repeating much of the above) on the Smashwords Blog.

As many bestselling Smashwords authors can attest, BookBub is considered the gold standard among book advertising sites. Their ads are expensive and difficult to secure, but they can move sales.

Every week, the merchandising team Smashwords is communicating with the merchandising team at our retailers. Our retailers want to know when you have a BookBub ad planned.

To facilitate their notification, we’ve created a handy online form at where you can tell us about your upcoming BookBub advertisement.

The more weeks of advance notice you give us, the more weeks we can include your title in our weekly “Smashwords Hotlist” of promotion-worthy titles.

Every month, dozens of Smashwords authors gain extra merchandising love at the retailers thanks to their inclusion in our weekly Smashwords Hotlist, which also includes a summary our top-performing preorders and bestsellers.

The retailers use our recommendations to identify titles that deserve extra merchandising love in their stores. Inclusion in our list is completely merit-based according your book’s performance and your historical track record at Smashwords. All you need to do to maximize your odds of inclusion in the list is to publish and distribute with Smashwords, release all your books as preorders, and if you’ve been selected for a BookBub ad let us know about it in advance via this form.

Please bookmark the page at and tell a friend!

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Enjoy the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week promotion, and please tell a friend!


Mark Coker

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