Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening

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By John Wayne Falbey

In this techno-political thriller, an inadvertent car accident ignites a tsunami of intrigue, murder and mayhem. In the course of the accident investigation by the FBI, it’s revealed that a victim of the accident, a retired CIA employee working for a politically ambitious U.S. senator, had pilfered top-secret documents from CIA archives.
The documents, supposedly destroyed years earlier by executive order, detailed the history of a blacker than black special ops team called the Sleeping Dogs, whose members are nature’s beta models of humans generations in the future. They were believed to have died in a plane crash two decades earlier.
The documents were stolen in order to provide the senator and his backers – agents of a foreign power – with evidence to support their efforts to undermine the U.S.’s economic and political standing as part of a campaign to destroy capitalism and democracy and create a socialist society.
The lines between good and evil have been blurred and someone has let the Dogs out. They will rock your world!

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