Six of One

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By JoAnn Spears

“Six of One” is the ultimate ‘girls’ night in’–with the six wives of Henry VIII. It’s the most fun you can have with your nightdress on! Join Dolly, the Tudor-obsessed heroine of “Six of One”, on a Yellow Brick Road journey to the alternate reality of an all-girl Tudor court.

It all begins when Dolly loses consciousness on the eve of her marriage to the six-times-divorced Harry. She awakens in the company of the Tudor women she’s studied all of her life. Team Tudor has a mission to accomplish, and Dolly may be just the girl who can help them do it.

Dolly warms up for her interview with the six shades of Henry in practice rounds with lots of the other famous ladies of Tudor times. In-laws, outlaws, matriarchs, frenemies, and household help are all on hand to help out and add to the factoids and fun.

Of course the heart of the story is in Dolly’s interview with the six wives of Henry VIII. It turns out there’s something to each of the wives’ stories that’s been held back all this time. You won’t believe what really happened…or will you?

“Six of One” offers no tragedy, no excuses, and no apologies. It does have lots of broad humor, not to mention tons of puns. And—for a change—a happy ending.

“The novel is an enthusiastic, well-researched, fictional account of what happened to the infamous wives of Henry VIII.” Kirkus Indie Review

“A fun, rather irreverent, entertaining spoof…A wonderful read when you need a bit of light relief.” Claire Ridgway, ‘Anne Boleyn Files’

“…such a fun ride!…The book will have you laughing and satisfying your fun Tudor craving…Definitely a Tudor book I recommend.” ‘The Tudor Enthusiast’

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