Show Me the Love! All Kinds of Love for All Kinds of Stories – Volume One

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By Pamela Jayne Smith

Show Me the Love! offers content creators of all genres, styles, and media a rich resource, new ideas, and a comprehensive, practical guide to using the dynamic and dramatic power of love in all their stories.

Understanding the deeper drives that affect how we act, react, and understand will give you better tools with which to create and motivate your characters and stories along their transformational arcs.

Readers and viewers of all types of media may also find this information will enhance their understanding and enjoyment.

Most stories have some aspect of love in them. The types of love covered in this book are romantic love, familial love, love of friends, love of self, love of country, love of the divine, love of animals, love of art, love of money, love of power, love of nature, love of death and destruction. Showing us some of these other loves will help create much more interesting characters and situations.

Explore the mythical and psychological aspects of different types of love, plus suggestions for the Shining Moment and appropriate Symbols.

Who is this book for? Novelists, Screenwriters, Playwrights, Directors, Actors, Directors of Photography, Production Designers, Composers, and Sound Designers as well as Development Execs, Producers, Publishers, and Marketers. Identifying, understanding, portraying, and communicating the core of emotion in a story is what entertains, enlightens, and educates your audience.

Use the information in this book to improve your own creativity and your enjoyment of others’ creative media.

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goodlife guide

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