Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self-Defense

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by Charl Van Wyk

South African missionary, Charl van Wyk, shares this shocking story with powerful ramifications for the firearms debate.

The long and noisy fight between supporters of the right to self-defense and gun-control proponents is always shifting battlegrounds.

For any still undecided on the intensifying debate over gun rights, this stunning story is sure to leave few in doubt over the necessity of firearms or the wisdom of carrying a weapon.

A missionary in Africa, Charl van Wyk, was attending a Sunday evening service when a band of terrorists armed with assault rifles and grenades burst into the sanctuary and began executing parishioners killing 11 and wounding over 50.

Surely the casualty count would have been higher if Van Wyk, armed only with a revolver and crouching behind a pew, hadn’t dared to fire back, sending the terrorists scattering with him in hot pursuit.

The infamous St. James Massacre on July 25, 1993 at St. James Church in South Africa is among the worst church slayings. It’s detailed in Van Wyk’s book, Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense, which is also covered in a DVD documentary by the same name.

Van Wyk works in gun-free zones—where unfortunately, only roving bands of rebels and criminals carry guns and law-abiding citizens are penalized for doing so. Even still, on occasion, even after the church shooting, he’s been forced to use a firearm to defend his life.

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