Shark Hunter & Love Potion #8

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By C.H. Tweed

cole scott has struggled to reach the pinnacle of success in the world of armaments. he has established himself with a set of rules that are simple and constant. The reputation he creates is one of honesty, financial stability and personal power. with his fortune and his reputation an irrefutable success, the challenge for him becomes one of retaining the excitement of his chase to glory.
hunting sharks becomes his passion and to a degree, satisfies his need for the excitement that has defined his life. His personal life has become a major stress point as his wife Jae continues down the path of alcoholism. cole continues to escape what he believes to be his only failure by wrapping himself in his work.
A convening of energy industrialists in Atlanta affords him an opportunity to avoid his private torment but quickly leads him into the most dangerous proposal of his career. he is drawn into the conspiracy by his desire for the beautiful gabrielle kinross who appears then disappears at appropriate moments.
cole is led into the aquisition of stolen government weapons inappropriately named love potion #8.

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