Sex Sells — The True Tales Behind the Greatest Ads of the ’80s

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By Robert Mosconi

This novel is about one man’s highly successful and award winning journey along New York City’s fabled Madison Avenue, and a real peek behind the scenes of life on the fast track in the multi-billion dollar advertising industry.

Much like ‘Broadcast News’,‘Wall Street’, ‘Jerry McGuire’, and ‘Barbarians at the Gate’ exposed their dark, secretive, behind-the-glamour worlds, so will ‘Sex Sells’ expose the extremely powerful ad industry and its manipulative control over the American public.

You will be taken on one hell of a scintillating tour that spans some 38 years of kicking, clawing, getting stepped on, and stepping on and over others as the author climbs to the top of the corporate ladder in some of Madison Avenue’s largest and most illustrious advertising agencies.

It’s a hard hitting behind-the-scenes exposé about those few insignificant Machiavellian craftsmen who have mastered the power and politics of information and salesmanship to persuade over 200 million Americans to purchase products and services that they neither want nor need.

You will be witness to what really happened during and after the filming of the now famous and considered to be the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time, the ‘Mean Joe Greene’ Coca-Cola television commercial as the author weaves a page-turning tale of betrayal, back stabbing, manipulation, and even piracy that near destroyed the commercial before it ever made it to ‘on air’.

“Promise them anything, but give them nothing!”
Find yourself sitting front row and center when ad agencies go into one of their feeding frenzies to recruit and raise their armies of young talent with promises of mega-salaries, limousines, sex, drugs, huge expense accounts, and the most tempting of all, those big accounts with clients that have very, very deep pockets.

“No good deed goes unpunished!”
You’ll be exposed to the depths of evil to which these so-called craftsmen will stoop. You’ve always assumed that lurking behind the façade of all that glamour and excitement existed a dog-eat-dog world. Well, guess what, you were totally right. But that strange little feeling that’s now beginning to grow in your stomach is taking you beyond that. Now is when you begin to realize that you are no longer just a spectator, no, not this time. This may be the author’s personal story, but somehow this story is also about you. “Open your eyes people, you too are the victim here!”

What these Machiavellian craftsmen are doing to the author is exactly what they’re doing to you, and they’re doing it to you every ten minutes of every day.

It doesn’t matter to them, including this author, if you’re male or female. It doesn’t matter whether you’re three years old, or seventy years old, they don’t give a shit. You can be black, you can be white, you can be yellow, or red, its totally meaningless to them, so long as you buy what they’re selling. “SHIT!! They’ll even speak to you in tongues if that’s what it takes to separate you from your money.”

And, if all else fails they’ll resort to sex to sell it to you. Sex always works. Hell, sex can sell anything. That’s advertising 101.

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