Several Sides of Rafe

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By Vicki Williams

To his crew chief’s new wife, Vangie, Rafe Vincennes is arrogant and faithless…until she needs an instrument of revenge. To Sarah, he’s the fulfillment of a teenage fantasy who exceeds expectations. To his sister, Lane, he’s both ecstasy and agony. To the Apache wildling, Jaoquim, Rafe offers protection and for such as him, it is the most important gift of all. To his daughter, Cee-Cee, he’s a hero. To his son, Cam, who questions both his loyalty and his predilection for extreme retribution, he’s a conflict. To Delight, the family’s Irish housekeeper, Himself requires constant (and gladly offered) prayers to keep him in God’s good graces. To his sister, the indignant Lady Marial, he is the blackest of black sheep, a blot on the family honor. To the Charlotte Observer, he is, happily, a constant source of screaming headlines. To Rhiannon, he is her soul mate. To Paige, he is salvation. To Preston Buckley, he is the reluctant recipient of a Mission Quest. To Laris Moynihan, Hollywood columnist, he’s the sexiest movie star of all. To his transport driver, Mike, he is the keeper of a dream. To Barrett Crain, author of the NASCAR blog, It’s a Racin’ Deal, he’s an uncommon champion. To Vic and Chas, he’s a son they never expected to have.
And Rafe himself? He’s been called a sociopath, a scoundrel, a scandal and a savior. He’s unaffected by the labels others put on him. He simply is what he is and does what he does. Take it or leave it.
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