Second Seal

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By Jon Shaver

In Jon Shaver’s terrifying debut novel, Iran’s Supreme Leader and his Quds Forces Commander implement a nefarious scheme to destroy their greatest enemy, the United States.

Taking advantage of America’s porous southern border, a corrupt Mexican government, the invisibility of Mexican immigrants in California, and a U.S. government leaning hard-left, a force of Iranian sleepers positions itself near the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where huge stores of nuclear materials are essentially unguarded. Repeated warnings from Jack Marshall, the Lab’s Security Director, to his superiors that these materials are at risk are repeatedly rebuffed as excessive. When an anti-nuclear protest leads to an incident resulting in Jack’s firing, the political process grinds away and the door is open to the Iranian Quds force. What follows shocks the conscience.

A President consumed by uncertainty, inexperience, and a lack of understanding of the forces arrayed against the American nation may cost the nation its very survival, unless someone or something comes forward to act decisively in the moment.

The intricately plotted non-stop action begins in Tehran, reaches to Jerusalem, Mexico City, and Washington, and San Francisco is but the first target of this geopolitical techno-thriller. Can anyone stop the total destruction of the United States?

Second Seal is the first book in a trilogy chronicling the inevitable conflict with Iran, the least well understood sworn enemy of the United States.

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