Reluctant Medium

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By G G Collins

Once you have opened the gates of hell, there is no return.

All Rachel Blackstone wants is to talk with her father; solve the mystery of how he died. Using a Native American ceremony given to her by a shaman, she summons him in this contemporary paranormal fantasy. Instead, a soul intent on revenge slips through and threatens people she loves. Now the Santa Fe, New Mexico reporter must follow the evil spirit, uncover its purpose and send it back. The shape-shifter has horrific powers. Rachel is tormented by what she has unleashed. There’s more. She’s seeing dead people; which frankly give her the creeps. Some are helpful; others lead her away from the truth. One spirit, a lone wolf, seems to have an uncertain allegiance. What she, and friend Chloe, uncover is an earthly scam involving both the quick and the dead. Rachel must play a dangerous game of supernatural treasure hunt to stop the ruthless ghost. To survive, she must discover her own powers during a climatic storm of earth, wind and fire. To fail is to die.

Contains: mild horror effects, profanity, humor.

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“Couldn’t stop reading.” — Mojo

“Rachel, clueless about the unearthly world, and largely unwilling to go there, finds that she must embrace the supernatural, channel her new found mojo and save herself and everyone she cares about.” — Have Book Will Read

“My mom used to tell me to ‘look before you leap’ but I had to learn that lesson the hard way. Our girl Rachel is doing the same thing…she’s taking risks, and going places she never imagined, and best yet, she’s taking US with her!” — 3jaysmom

“Love the characters in this book. Kept my attention throughout the story. Great read!” — Sandy

“The story has everything a good book should have, mystery, believable characters, a bit of humor (some laugh out loud) and best of all idea exploring.” — Bette

“The story is rich in details as we see Rachel work at her job as a reporter and read descriptions of Santa Fe and the area. I truly enjoyed the story, the rich details of the Hopi traditions and beliefs.” — S.B. Lee

“Rachel and Chloe’s relationship are at the heart of this tale as Rachel tries to uncover the truth of what is going on at the development and find out what happened to her dad. This book is a Must read.” — Simie

“An interview with a wise elderly Hopi shaman inspires her to try to recall her father to life temporarily, but instead, the ritual unleashes a “monster,” an evil spirit determined on returning from the dead to wreak havoc and achieve vengeance.” — Mallory

“The story kept my interest and also incorporated the bond between animals and humans, which was a very nice touch.” — Oregon Dreamer


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AUTHOR BIO: Walking several beats, reporter G G Collins racked up a lot of column inches, a few awards and a writing fellowship at Duke University. She never met a story she didn’t like.

There was another side lurking. This side of her personality is fond of the strange, the frightening, the paranormal. An avid reader since childhood, she began her reading career with Shirley Jackson’s “We Have Always Lived in the Castle.”

The day she discovered the Hopi ceremony to call back the dead, she just had to ask the question: What would happen if the wrong spirit returned? “Reluctant Medium” resulted.

FORTHCOMING: “Lemurian Medium”
When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. What she doesn’t expect, is to land in an ancient civilization, one intent on keeping her–and her unproven powers. Staying means certain death, but leaving could be an eternity lost in the cosmos.

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