Prophetic Letters: A Framework for the Coming Biblical Journey, Daniel Focus

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By Will Dyuran

Prophetic Letters is not your ordinary book on prophecy: written to the Christian to challenge and refine their understanding of the Biblical end times, and to the non-Christian to challenge their refusal to turn to God. Both of these challenges based on a newly addressed logic—not new to God—found in the Holy Scriptures. Continuing with support for Pre-Wrath, this is not a simple repeat of that already presented by Marvin Rosenthal and Robert Van Kampen. Expanding on their groundwork and smoothing some corners, Prophetic Letters investigates deeper possibilities as they apply to the Book of Daniel. To say the ideas presented are new is an understatement, and I believe you will be convinced in the detail and logic used to prove the arguments.
Prophetic Letters begins with the journey of the author as he searched for an appropriate, and believable, understanding of the Biblical end times. After decades of frustration of the fault exhibited in Pre-Tribulation, he began a study to resolve this personal dilemma. With over nine years of thought and study, this book is that result.
Dyuran provides a list of guidelines he used for this prophetic study, some which are obvious, and some that will absolutely change how you will ever study Bible prophecy again. Using these guidelines, he then investigates each chapter of Daniel with a new look at the shabua (termed “weeks” in the King James Version of Daniel) and reveals some astounding results. His investigation of shabua units, some that are different than the standard 7 years per “week,” amazingly ties to the exact number of days for prophetic Biblical events. For reasons unknown, time is not accounted for many of these events in the generally accepted interpretation. Within these findings include the dates for the birth and baptism of Christ, the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and the 7th Beast Empire, to name a few. Two primary timelines emerge that support each other meeting at the cross, and account for the days and prophetic events in Daniel. Prophetic Letters accepts the challenge of the scriptures in Daniel 9:25 “Know therefore and understand…”

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