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By Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

We are excited to announce that proof and author copies are now available for all publishers on KDP.

Proofs allow you to review a physical copy of your draft paperback prior to publication. Learn more here.

Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. Learn more here.

When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping and applicable taxes. With this new feature, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe – an improvement for authors who previously used CreateSpace.

By publishing a paperback on KDP, you can reach more readers through Amazon websites in the US and Europe, as well as manage your print and eBook publishing from one website. In addition, you can use the KDP website in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Dutch. Learn more here.

2018 Tax Filing Season
Have questions about taxes? We’ve created several resources, including Help content and videos:

• Tax requirements
• Tax forms
• Tax interview
To see all our tax-related resources, visit our Help page.

KDP authors anchor Susan G. Komen/Kindle Unlimited Promotion
Amazon is partnering with Susan G. Komen to donate $5 for every eligible consumer who signs up for a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited through the end of February. Susan G. Komen’s mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

The theme of the promotion is “Everybody has a story.” Komen will highlight videos via their website from three KDP authors whose lives were impacted by breast cancer and encourage consumers to sign up for a Kindle Unlimited trial to gain access to their books and all titles in Kindle Unlimited.

Learn more about the campaign and how you can support Komen and your fellow KDP authors here.

Pen to Publish Contest Winners
We have announced Sudha Nair and J. Alchem as the winners of the inaugural KDP Pen to Publish Contest in India. The winners will each receive a cash prize of $15,000 and a print publishing contract with Westland Publications. They also have the opportunity to be mentored by India’s best-selling authors like Chetan Bhagat. Watch their inspirational journeys for yourself by clicking on their names above.

Make your book look great with Kindle Create
Kindle Create is a tool designed to automatically transform a completed manuscript into a beautiful Kindle eBook by:

– Automatically finding chapter titles and creating a Kindle table of contents
– Giving you visual themes designed to suit the genre of your eBook
– Letting you preview your eBook so you can see what your readers will see—and make the changes you want
Kindle Create works with .doc and .docx files exported from any source, whether it be Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs or other applications. It also supports creation of interactive textbooks from PDFs.

Learn More

Looking for manuscript feedback? Submit to Kindle Scout!
Kindle Scout has decided to extend the offer of personalized editorial feedback for all shortlisted manuscripts until the end of February 2018.

Kindle Scout is a reader-powered publishing program where, in 45 days or less, your book may be considered for a publishing contract with Kindle Press.

You can also participate as a reader in Kindle Scout and support your fellow authors. As a Scout, you get to preview new, never-before-published books; nominate your favorites, and enjoy free eBooks when your nominated titles are published. The next great story is in your hands!

To learn more, visit the Kindle Scout website:

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