Princess Rescue, Inc

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By Chris Hectll

Eugene Ryans had it all. Money, fame, power. He had created a multibillion dollar company from almost nothing and turned Ryan’s Future technology inc into one of the forefronts of technological innovation.
He had it all, yet he gambled it all on a crackpot idea that Earth had it’s own wormhole.
He’d proven it too, and now he was in for the adventure of his life. No, he wasn’t going to sit back and let others go in his stead, he was going to be on the forefront of this grand adventure.
To move mankind one step further closer to the stars.
He’d found adventure all right, all that and more as he found his team cut off, trapped in the middle of an invasion.
Princess Deidra and her younger Sister Zara were having a series of bad days. When the neighboring kingdom suddenly invaded they found themselves on the front lines and swiftly in danger. But will the dashing Gaijin save them? Save them from the wilds of their world, the invaders, and more importantly, themselves?
Princess Deidra isn’t so sure she wants to be saved!

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goodlife guide

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