Playing by His Own Rules

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By Vicki Williams

Rafe Vincennes, Movie Star – Hollywood is a garden inhabited by peacocks, a place where beautiful people preen and pose in a constant quest for a higher rank in the pecking order of success – important roles, magazine covers, multi-million dollar salaries, Academy awards. Rafe had garnered all those things without even trying. The more he disdained the film industry, the more it coveted him. He was besieged by requests for interviews, begged to read screenplays, pleaded with for his presence at functions of one kind or another, adored by fans. Almost all of which he ignored.
If the others were birds of paradise, he was a hawk, silently winging his way across the night sky, never staying in one place long enough to risk capture. His elusiveness only made him that much more desirable.

Rafe Vincennes, the NASCAR Champion – The NASCAR sanctioning body was of a divided mind about Rafe’s exploits. The sport prided itself on epitomizing wholesome family values so screaming headlines that focused on sex and/or violence weren’t exactly the way they’d have preferred to get attention. Still, there was no doubt their larger-than-life star attracted a legion of new fans who’d never been drawn to auto racing before.

Rafe Vincennes, the Lover – “My ranch manager grew up here like me,” she told him. “We’ll probably get married when I’m ready to settle down.”
“Don’t sound so enthusiastic,” Rafe commented dryly.
“Actually,” she said, “that thought makes me content. He’s a generous and considerate lover. He’ll make a wonderful father. I can see us growing companionably old together. I just want to experience some other things first…..including a man like you.”
“A man like me?”
“An exciting man, a dangerous man. Travis is like having a loyal, loving Collie for a pet. You’re like bringing a wolf in the house, knowing it will never really be tame.”
He grinned. “I’ve never ripped anyone’s throat out yet.”
“Not throats, no, but what about hearts, Rafe? Have you ripped any hearts out?”
His gunslinger eyes made her shiver. “I’ve never had to rip them out, Sweetheart, they’ve always been freely offered.

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