Pilates – Essential Training for the Athlete

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By Sandee Lea

Pilates-Essentail Training for the Athlete, is an informative book that covers the history of Pilates, and explains the how and why the Pilates method is beneficial to everyone whether you are a season athlete or enjoying life recreationally. This book gives a detail description on how to contract and train the “Core” effectively to help eliminate back pain, improve your strength, flexibility,mobility, and prevent injury. The author, Sandee Lea has practice Pilates all of her life and has been trained by some of the best Pilates trainers in the world that are first generation Pilates trainers. They have trained under Romana Kryzanowka, the “oldest living disciple” who was trained directly by Joseph Pilates. There are true testimonies included from athletes and coaches. There is a complete Intermediate Mat Pilates class that includes a written description and photos for most of the exercises that can be done at home, work, or traveling. It also includes a section on how to use a flex band for stretching, and a section written on how to use a foam roller for myo-fascial release exercises. These methods all work together to give the athlete and the non-athlete the strength, flexibility, and mobility needed for all sports and recreation. With this winning combination of the mat Pilates class as well as the additional information for stretching and the myo-fascial release exercises, whether you are an athlete or not you will want these “secret weapons” at your finger tips to be the best at your game, the best you could look and feel in life!

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/264204.

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