goodlife guide

By Doug Friedenberg

Phred, a rabbit who is the class pet, persuades Jason to take him home for the weekend. Jason starts to worry when he realizes he’s taken the rabbit illegally. Jason’s even more concerned when he finds that the rabbit is more inclined to give orders than to take them, and that the rabbit has adequate means to get his way. Jason really starts to sweat when he realizes that resistance is futile.

Think of Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, above ground, out in the suburbs, a fantastic world that lurks just below the surface of everyday life. Phred, a smart-ass, well educated rabbit, will appeal to the childlike of all ages, some of whom might actually be adults. And as he hops to do Phred’s bidding, Jason discovers that adults are a bit more like large children, and he also finds that he has more life skills and confidence than he ever imagined.

Phred’s view of the human race provides a bit of perspective on what humans are good for, and raises the question as to why they should be so lucky as to have opposable thumbs, and basically puts humans in their place: living in harmony with the rest of the planet.

N. B. No animals were harmed in the writing of this book.

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