Pet Peeves: A Love Story

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By John Williams

When I first met Ruth, a British bombshell with a borderline-psychotic penchant for pets, I could not imagine the beautiful disaster that would follow. My wife has subjected me to more ridiculous pet palaver than any man should have to endure. Ruth rescues feeder mice from pet stores, spends 500 dollars on tadpoles and believes the best way to honor a dead pet is to bring home a live one. From Hedgehogs to horses, or polliwogs to parakeets, or even ducks to demon dogs, we’ve had nearly every kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species of “pet” imaginable.

Watch me struggle mightily to control the chaos as I juggle my love for Ruth, my disdain for pets and the responsibilities of fatherhood in this bizarre story that is my life. Along the way I’ll make up songs, poems and folktales; “Stella the one-eyed hamster” is a personal favorite, though I’m particularly fond of the nursery rhymes surrounding the gerbil genocide. My co-author, William Shakespeare, helps introduce each chapter and his words are often used to summarize my angst. In the end, there’s a lesson for all–probably one you will never guess…

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