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Myrna Muton Morrison

Inspector David Keane is called out to investigate a murder scene which might be linked to a serial homicide case he is covering. New clues are discovered. The perpetrator has left behind a sample of DNA! A letter is found at the latest murder scene, in the night stand next to the bed, it suggests the victim has been corresponding with a mystery man, the only lead, a post office box number. Keane calls in Paul Gates, his lead detective and sends him to find who is renting the post office box. Paul returns with the identity of the suspect. With Christopher Phillips’ address in hand, Keane calls for backup but when they reach their destination, they find the apartment in a state of chaos with no sign of the man they are seeking. Something is horribly wrong! Strewn on the carpet in the living room are pictures of the deceased women and blood smears on the wall, prove to match the DNA taken from the last murder scene. Keane sends Paul Gates to investigate Christopher Philips, warning him to leave no stone unturned. Paul returns with some astonishing news. Christopher Philips was abused as a child and shortly after leaving home, the house he had lived in with his mother and grandmother burns to the ground, killing both women. At the local hospital he finds further information. Philips has a twin, a sister who has also disappeared. She was given up for adoption at birth and shortly after leaving home, a mysterious gas leak killed both of her adoptive parents. A nosy neighbor informs Paul that the girl’s father had been picked up in the local park years before for exposing himself to some young girls. He was never charged. Christopher Philips has taken shelter with the homeless on the streets. Hunger takes over comes his fear of discovery and he emerges from his refuge, a cubby hole under some stairs and goes to find some food. A newspaper stand catches his attention and he discovers that Amy, the woman he had been corresponding with, has been attacked. He decides to pay her a visit when she gets out of the hospital.

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