Pedal to the Sea

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Gil Newbury

“You are going to get yourselves killed! You are going to kill your kids!”
Not an auspicious start to a long journey when coming from a very angry stranger. Especially when you know he might be right.
Pedal To The Sea is the true story of a family with young children on a remarkable 4-month, 4,685 mile, coast-to-coast bicycle trip across America pedaling a custom-made Quad, a “tandem” for two – and two more. Pedal To The Sea vividly portrays the risks, joys, struggles, triumphs, moments of humor, and accidents of fate and faith that inevitably rise to the surface of such a journey.
All across America people called out, “Can I come too?” as the family pedaled by. Pedal To The Sea answers “Yes!” by inviting readers along for the ride of a lifetime!

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

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