Pandora’s box (Jane Hetherington’s Adventures in Detection: 2)

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By Nina Jon

Jane Hetherington’s’s new private detective agency enjoyed a successful opening month. What will February hold? Quite a lot as it turns out.
The month sees the residents of Failsham – the traditional market town Jane has made her home – pitted against each other in a battle over redevelopment. Neighbour against neighbour, husband against wife. Jane cannot but become involved; even though she has plenty else to keep her busy as the requests for her detecting skills arrive thick and fast.
A woman whose long buried secret has somehow been discovered asks Jane to track down the poison pen pal threatening to disclose it. Can she? And even if she does, will her client be able to preserve the new life she has built for herself?
Someone else desperately needs to sell a highly valuable asset, but no one must know. This leaves Jane wondering whether deception can ever be justified, and any good deed ever go unpunished?
Jane’s patience is tested by an evangelical Bible basher, who wants Jane to help her put her world to rights. Jane discovers a woman born out of her time (even the 18th century might be too modern for this woman, Jane thinks) whose world is very, very wrong indeed.
Throw in some Spinsters in Peril, throw open a Pandora’s box or two, and we have the second month of Jane Hetherington’s detecting adventures.

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