One Dolphin’s Story

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By Stanley M. Minasian

On a clear sunny morning, not unlike any other, a baby dolphin is thrust from its mother’s belly into a loving community and a hostile environment. Everything she needs to learn to survive is taught to her by her mother and by watching other dolphins around her. Though barely able to keep up with the rest of the herd, she slowly gains the strength, confidence and coordination she will need to become an active and contributing member of this peaceful nomadic tribe.

This is the story of the life and times of an eastern tropical Pacific spinner dolphin, from the moment of her birth, through her thirty some-odd years of life. Through joy and sadness, ecstasy and trauma, life and death, never has a book described in such detail just what it is like to be a dolphin. In a loose yet structured society, formed and refined from thousands of generations past, these highly intelligent, air-breathing, warm-blooded sentient marine mammals live lives unencumbered by material possessions. Friendship, comradery, and a dedication to each other are the factors we have discovered about them, and the qualities we have come to admire.

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