No Mercy

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By Sam Pauline

No Mercy homicide detective Brett Murphy is every murderer’s worst nightmare, the man who will never give up. He’s hot on the trail of an assassin and a drug lord, but his dogged pursuit puts his life in jeopardy. Outgunned and hiding out, Murphy and his team attack a huge criminal empire, defying the odds every step of the way. Less
A fast-paced, high-tech thriller set in the Pacific Northwest

Brett Murphy plays by his own rules. He is the ultimate rogue cop, and he will do anything to solve a crime. But now he faces the toughest challenge of his career — two brutal killings in two weeks. A Portland nightclub manager is shot on a sidewalk, and a young, beautiful executive is killed by a drug-crazed maniac. Murphy must destroy the criminal enterprises who are responsible for these senseless murders.

Teaming with a vigilante posse and a brilliant computer scientist, he shows no mercy in his quest to find justice for the innocent victims. Murphy’s relentless pursuit exposes a drug ring called The Club — who will murder anyone to protect their turf. He must break the law to bring them down, but even that may not be enough. The Club’s kingpin has disappeared, and Murphy’s last ditch efforts to find him, may be way too little, too late!

The Characters:


Brett Murphy is a Portland Police detective who investigates the brutal killings of Doug Lambert — the night manager of the Grand Emporium — and Mellissa Freeman — the young executive who is killed by Justin Wheeler.
Danny Siegler is Brett Murphy’s computer genius, a world-class hacker who can crash computers, wiretap phones and wipe out bank accounts.
Reggie Mathews is an ex-con gym owner and the head of Brett Murphy’s three-man posse.
Jennifer Freeman is Mellissa Freeman’s sister, a beautiful nurse who becomes Brett Murphy’s live-in lover.
Ben Carter is Brett Murphy’s boss, a 39-year veteran of the Portland Police force.
Jim Stanton is a patrolman who helps Murphy decimate The Club.


Frank Peralta runs The Club, the huge, violent drug ring that Brett Murphy is pursuing.
Hector Martinez is The Club’s Mexican cartel connection.
Tony Moreno is The Club’s ruthless dealer boss.
Mitch Hansen is a computer scientist who protects The Club’s high-tech operations.
Butch Hobbs is a street level drug dealer who leads Brett Murphy to The Club.
Jordan Grabel is a paid assassin who is plotting to kill Brett Murphy.
Cadd Hartmann is a greedy concert promoter who sells The Club’s drugs at The Oregon Death March music festival.
Justin Wheeler is the drug-crazed maniac who kills Mellissa Freeman.

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