Never Climbed His Mountain

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By Julian Gladstone

You won’t bother glancing at a woman going into the a fitting room at the department store or in the supermarket but they may be mostly heterosexual males “en femme” just blending in. There are millions more: the school principal, your attorney, that airline pilot or truck driver all “underdressed” in feminine attire at work but assume female personas away from the public. The journey of on the painting on the cover springs up at you like the joker in a jack-in-the-box but frankly it’s to draw you into the larger scope of this writer’s journey.
sure, there are popular books in print like boyd’s “my husband betty”,dr. rudd’s “my husband wears my clothes”, “erin” by earhardt and historical novels like “the last concubine” to mention a few that satisfy the curiosity of some and may answer questions of significant others now encountering similar experiences with those cross dressers exposing their preilections for the first time. but only “never climbed his mountain” is a bequest to those younger cds seeking support and hope for them and their parents but also to mid-aged heterosexual males with spouses and children who wish to give escape to pent-up feelings without destroying their families. there are so many immersed in the “pink fog” (addicted to crossdressing)that have the innate talent to be successful in the profesions, science, business or whatever but see no way to achieve these goals and still remain bedeviled with their feminine alter egos. “never climbed his mountain” offers further evidence that we are not what we ourselves believed before the internet’s advent -that we were some sort of perverts alone in the universe.
the journey of this memoir offers that incentive and encouragement: from rich but dominent parents to flying bombers in world war II, graduating wharton, motion picture involvement in mexico,hollywood and new york,building largest hardware distributor in canada and working at all levels of conventional and discount retail stores from coast to coast — with all the intrigue, sex and politics mixed in that brew — and along the way breeding nationally recognized show dogs and becoming a scratch golfer, it will become evident to the reader that being one of the dozens of cd variations should be a blessing and not a yoke of despair. crossdressers have no reason to apologize — we are constructive members of society and not to be vilified by the clothes we choose to wear. This point is exemplified by this author’s journey. that is my legacy.
the “second edition” offers for the first time a special chapter devoted to past history and present theories of the who, why and what triggers cross dressing with all the levels of various sexual drives that may or may not come into play.this particulor chapter is not confined to only the hetero community.
call this work narrative non-fiction with splashes of religious, racial and socio-historic overtones that includes friendship with some of the famous achievers of this past century.
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