My Only Crime was Being Born

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By Jeffrey Weber

I have always liked to write. I actually had my first published article in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine in July, 1965 when I was 18 years old. You could look it up. Reading and writing have been my two passions most of my life since with my wonderful Asperger’s Syndrome I wasn’t exactly a social butterfly; I was more like a social caterpillar, unfortunately I haven’t got into the butterfly phase even to this day.

So I spent most of my life alone reading books. I didn’t have computers to play with in the old days but now my computer is definitely my best friend as I don’t have any close friends around here in San Antonio unfortunately. I’ve have had some great friends of my life but unfortunately they’re all gone right now. You’ll read about some of them in this book. I firmly believe you gotta go with the flow and play the cards life deals you.

You’ll see from reading this book that I spent the first 12 years of school going to “wonderful” Catholic schools, St. Paul’s grade school and Don Bosco High School. Then I finally escaped the Catholic school system and had a wonderful time going to school at the University of Arizona, some of the best years of my life. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1969 (technically 1970) because I couldn’t pass this damn required Spanish class and I finally figured out by taking it correspondence –style the grade wouldn’t hurt me and I could pass it and be on my way. I actually graduated in January 1970 while I was attending the University of Arizona law school.

After three semesters of law school my law school career ended, and then since I’m still a college junkie, I took many classes at Pima Community College mainly to make G.I. bill money. And then you’ll see later on when my baseball system didn’t work out and I was living in Las Vegas, I finally did a smart thing and went back to school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and got an accounting degree. With that accounting degree I was finally able to get real employment and a real job gave me a chance to actually bring my wonderful fiancée Judy from Hong Kong to the United States and get married. That was the best decision of my life and probably the only reason I’m still here today to write this and give it to you.

So read this book and weep or laugh or cry or say thank God I didn’t lived most of his life and all of them will be correct. Like I said, I’m a writing junkie so this book which is over 250 Word pages; God knows how many pages the book is gonna be when it goes e-book style. I can’t figure that crap out but Volume 1, yes I said Volume 1; I’ve already written volume 2. I’m in the process of editing it so if you like this you probably will like Volume 2 too!

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