My Only Crime Was Being Born – Volume 2

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By Jeff Weber

I have always liked to write. I actually had my first published article in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine in July, 1963 when I was 18 years old. You could look it up. Reading and writing have been my two passions most of my life since with my wonderful Asperger’s Syndrome I wasn’t exactly a social butterfly; I was more like a social Caterpillar.

Unfortunately I haven’t got into the butterfly phase even to this day. Actually a lot of what you are reading about the author in this section comes from Volume 1 of my autobiography because basically the author hasn’t changed so a lot of the information is pretty much the same as written in Volume 1.

Besides so few people bought Volume 1 that this is virtually new material, I hope that isn’t true for Volume 3.

So I spent most of my life alone reading books because I didn’t have computers to play with in the old days but now my computer is definitely my best friend as I don’t have many close friends around here in San Antonio unfortunately. I’ve have had some great friends of my life but unfortunately they’re all gone right now you’ll read about some of them in this book. You gonna go with the flow when you play the cards life deals you.

You’ll see from reading this book that I had a very interesting two years in the Army. As you read in Volume 1 (I hope) of my autobiography, at least I hope you read it because then you would’ve bought it and I would’ve gotten some money from the sale of it.

My Army career has been basically screwed up ever since I first got the hiring notice from the Army or in more common jargon my draft notice. You’ll see the Army made no use of my talents throughout my brief two years in the Army, though at the time it didn’t seem so brief. But thanks for the Army, I’m able to fill many pages of Volume 2 of this biography because just so many weird ass things happened to me and I just love to share it.

Also you will get to read about many other crappy jobs I had in my life besides the Army. Basically it is fair to say I have never had the ideal job I would like to have at any point in my life. Actually the current government job I have now is probably the best one I’ve ever had but again it’s far from my ideal job. Actually you getting a taste of my ideal job reading this book because my ideal job would be to be a full-time writer of nonfiction books, essays, my opinions on things, my autobiography, that I’ve completed two volumes on and will soon start on Volume 3 and basically I love helping people invest.

You cannot believe how difficult it is for me to even give my help away for free but I’ll keep trying because that’s my nature. Even though I have wonderful Asperger’s Syndrome and I am a big introvert, my driving passion in life has always been to help other people and I will keep doing that until the day they put me under.

Actually they won’t put me under for a while because I donated my body to the University of Texas to help medical students learn how to cut people open and they use your body for about five years before they finally cremate you.
So read this book and laugh or cry or say thank God I didn’t live most of his life and all of them will be correct. Like I said I’m a writing junkie so this book is over 260 pages in Word, God knows how many pages the book is gonna be when it goes e-book style. I can’t figure that stuff out but this is Volume 2, yes I said Volume 2; I’ve already started writing Volume 3.

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