Modern Day Bank Robbers

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By Darlene M. Hill

How did three intelligent, attractive, loving women of color and spiritual American women end up being indicted by the Federal Government with almost the same crimes….stealing millions of dollars from banks with the same tool: a pen, a laptop, good looks and a smile. John Dillinger had nothing on these three Modern Day Bank Robbers, not even the balls.

This story is based on true facts and events with some fiction intertwined together, about the lives of three high tech female bank robbers. They all started out with little in life, and ended up with tens of millions. They perpetrated their scheme in up-scale Atlanta, and on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Bank robbing has come a long way for the modern day bank robber. More advanced white collar crimes are reaping millions, and sometimes billions from Mortgage Frauds, Investment and Ponzi schemes and Cyber Bank Hackers. Banks are being pillaged worldwide; all with the push of a button, the stroke of a pen, and charisma. Modern Day Bank Robbers tells you how these three women did it.

Janelle, Paige, and Caroline had several things in common: Real Estate, money and acquiring the finest things in life. But, the most common denominator they shared was an obsession to gain the approval and acceptance of others. Houses, cars, boats, fine wines and travels around the world could not justify of define their worth. They all fought for years to ease the pain of self-disapproval and overcome their inner battles. Each used M-O-N-E-Y as a medium to comfort themselves and justify their existence.

They were three women on the path to self-destruction. Do they overcome their inner demons in the end and rise like cream to the top….or spend years in prison for the millions they steal as Modern Day Bank Robbers?

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