Mirror Mirror

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By Myrna Mutton Morrison

Marisa moved to the city after her brother was convicted and sent to prison for murder. Their parents are both dead and Marisa finds herself alone. Tom, her brother, advised her to move to a large city where she would not attract any attention. Marisa had just enough money to buy a second hand car and set her self up in a small apartment. A firm of lawyers hired her.
While she was brushing her teeth in the bathroom one morning, the mirror in front of her fogged over. Marisa rubbed at it thinking it was condensation. When the glass cleared, she saw the vision of a young woman trapped in a ca r submersed under water. As Marisa watched in horrified fascination, the girl struggled to free herself from the handcuffs that bound her to the steering wheel. Her eyes pleaded to Marisa for help but there was nothing she could do. Marisa closed her eyes and when she opened them again, it was to face something she would never be able to erase from her mind. A skeleton was all that was left of the victim. Black, empty eye sockets stared back at her from a decaying scull. Marisa turned away in horror. She had to be dreaming or losing her mind. She looked into the bedroom and saw that the bed she’d left moments before was vacant. Turning back to the shiny surface above the bathrooms sink, she saw that it had returned to normal. The spectral had vanished.
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goodlife guide

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