Menage 3B, Baby Makes Four

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By Steven Green

In this sequel to “Menage3,” Barbara, Ashley, and Jack face new challenges: parenting, suburban living, and the PTA to name a few. Jack gets some help from his partners in adapting to his new role. Barbara takes on a dual career. Ashley has to face old traumas. Taking refuge in New Mexico, Ashley is reunited with Gabrielle and her new “family”. Contemporary issues are impacting the threesome.
Life is change. In this intriguing sequel to Menage3, Barbara, Ashley, and Jack are confronted with new challenges. Jack needs help adjusting to transitions; and the women devise a creative strategy. An unstable religious neighbor provokes an investigation that forces Ashley to face her traumatic past. Jack offers loving support when Barbara makes a career change and comes to terms with unavoidable biology. The world begins to impact their happy bubble. Even a PTA meeting can turn more volatile than a mountain lion.
Lloyd and Nancy take the leap and Harry becomes their brother-in-law. Lloyd’s father learns it’s never too late to change your worldview.
Freddie, Lenny, Phyllis, and Celeste face their own hurdles in their race from chaos to collective. Once again, the women have to formulate a strategy to liberate the men from their hang-ups.
This novel is a beautiful continuation. All the characters are there and as enjoyable as ever. The finale in New Mexico is a visual pleasure.

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goodlife guide

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