Magic Creek

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By Vicki Williams

When she is five years old, she sits amid the blossoms high in the cherry tree and declares, “I will always do ‘xactly as I please.” At 15, she leaves her home in Philadelphia to travel with a group of pioneers to the Territory. Fiercely determined to make it on her own, she becomes known as Magic when she survives her first brutal winter with only a wildcat for company. She faces many challenges during her years on Magic Creek from losing her lover when his tribe is forced to relocate West to facing trial for killing a man who attacks her in her cabin but always, the wellspring of her life is her beloved piece of land.

Two centuries later, another woman comes to Magic Creek. Tory is held captive by her abusive and controlling physician husband. She is allowed no car, no money, no internet. She can make calls only when he’s listening; she can mail letters only after he has read them. Her smallest rebellion is ruthlessly crushed.

The experiences of the two women intertwine when Magic is drawn to try to lend Tory her own strength and independence.

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