Living in Alignment: A Practical Guide to Personal Transformation

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By Darcy S. Clarke

With an evolutionary view of species success in the context of the world’s ‘madness,’ psychotherapist and transformational presence coach Darcy S. Clarke makes a distinct contribution to the process of experiencing personal transformation. To lead the way in our next evolutionary step as a species, we are called to deepen the journey of aligning with our soul and discovering our unique ‘soul mission.’
Without using theological jargon or invoking a religious belief system, Clarke provides a universal human roadmap that will illuminate, support, and facilitate your personal growth. Living in Alignment is both a practical guide for those on their journey of soul realization and soul actualization and a workbook for the Living in Alignment Program for personal transformation. Those who seek to accelerate and deepen their own process of Living in Alignment are invited to participate in the Program.

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Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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