Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Money and God

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By Aline Strong

‘Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Money and God’ guarantees women money peace with the help of non-religious spiritual support.
There is one, and only one answer for some women’s financial problems: practical money tools wedded to spiritual support. Practical tools coupled with simple, non-religious spiritual help will solve your financial troubles and bring happiness to your life. Each chapter has easy, practical techniques, such as outlining a Money History, Splurge Triggers, and One-Day-Soon Dream spending plan to help women get out of debt and stay out of debt.

But, money tools alone cannot work this transformation. Every chapter ends with spiritual support, ideas such as, Designing her Own Spiritual Helper, Filling a Bath Tub with what energizes her, and concentrating on her Virtues not flaws, along with Prayers for the Courage to make the changes. These are the guarantee that the money tools will stick.

Aline Strong, B.Ed., M.A. says, “I researched and experimented with hundreds of financial and spiritual sources before developing this practical/spiritual system for financial prosperity and peace of mind. I worked as a teacher for 28 years and for the past 15 years have helped other women out of debt and into abundance and peace.”

“Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Money and God”, combines practical money skills with spiritual help so these women can’t help but succeed. Guaranteed.

“It covered a lot of territory. The exercises are excellent. It got me thinking.”
-Jenny Schnoll, librarian

“Simply the best book on managing your finances that I have read.”
-Nancy Sampson, financial advisor

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