Lake Brambruck

goodlife guide

by Douglas Gellatly

As Richard McPherson swam naked in Lake Brambruck in the dry northwest of Victoria, Australia, Max Clark literally walked into his life. They experience trials, dangers and intimacies as their relationship develops over the coming months and years. Their relationship is strengthened as their friendship with a neighbor brings the tale to its emotional climax.

“Shit, I’m out here in the water with nothing on, and he’s closer to my clothes than I am!” So begins the relationship between Richard and Max at the remote Lake Brambruck in Wyperfield National Park in the northern Wimmera, Victoria, Australia. It’s the mid-1970s in the conservative Wimmera district, and as the union between the two men strengthens, they experience dangers, frolicking fun, intimacy, homophobia and homophilia. On their conservation property, Golton Island, a Wimmera River island, their love deepens even further as they see more of a neighbor and the story heads towards its emotional ending.

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