Journals: Middle School Love & War

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By Louise Palanker

It’s 1970, in Buffalo, NY and 12-year-old Lanie Spurdle is haunted by some very tricky questions, like:

What are boys really thinking about girls and love and sex?

Why are my parents always so moody and angry at me?

How can people hate each enough to kill?

Of course, she’s equally troubled by the more delicate questions like, “Why do I have to wear a bra?” “How do I escape the attack of the Middle School Queen Bee?” and “Does Clayton Murray like me as much as I like him?”

But as she begins to write in her journal and as she discovers and secretly reads her father’s World War II journal, Lanie finds that her parents, her family and her world are coming into sharper focus.

Making her way across the battlefield of Middle School raises an array of questions but ultimately, Lanie learns that more important than finding all the answers, is being brave enough to ask the questions.

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