Jeff’s Greatest Political and Economic Tweets

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By Jeffrey Weber

To politicians and economists everywhere who provide such fertile material…similar to the material cows provide.
I was fortunate to get the chance to harvest my four years of tweets. Starting with over 41,000 tweets I whittled the total down to a little over 13,000. Then I started to put my tweets in categories and two that jumped off the page were politics and economics.

I realized I had printed many great political and ecosarcastic tweets and that I had retweeted many classic political/economic (many of which are) sarcastic tweets. I felt the urgent desire (not being sarcastic!) to share the best of my political and economic tweets with the world of book readers. Enough forward – on to the tweets! Since I spent a lot of time organizing my inspirational tweets (but that’s another book, and a good one) I went back to the sarcastic tweets format and lumped them together. There aren’t that many and I don’t see any point in organizing them – besides politics and economics IS all about disorganization so this is the most accurate way to display these tweets.

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goodlife guide

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