Jane Hetherington’s Adventures In Detection

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By Nina Jon

The first three titles in the Jane Hetherington’s Adventures in Detection series at a great price
The Night of Harrison Monk’s Death, Pandora’s Box & A Game of Cat and Mouse
Jane Hetherington is Nina Jon’s gifted amateur detective. A retired lady who sets up her own private detective agency following the death of her husband of four decades. She spends each month from then on, investigating interwoven & seemingly unconnected crimes & mysteries. In classic whodunnit style, the emphasis is on the puzzle and the solution.
The first detecting adventure:
Need to identify a strangely generous safe breaker? Locate a boyfriend gone walkabout? Lost a family heirloom and have to find it in a hurry? Want to establish if a loved one’s telling the truth? Check out whether the other half’s story stacks up? Need to find a missing neighbour or discover how a body ended up at the bottom of a multi-storey car park?
The second detecting adventure:
Need to stop your home being demolished by an officious bureaucrat? Surreptitiously raise money in a hurry? Delve a little deeper into a spouse’s frequent absences? Identify a poison pen-pal? Keep a secret, a secret?
The third detecting adventure:
Need to catch a conman real quick? Discover why a sister has become a stranger? Pick up a trail long gone cold? Catch an artful dodger red-handed? Make amends?
Contact: jane Hetherington private detective at hotmail
Contains: dark secrets, betrayals, duplicity, villainy and lies

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/351921.

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goodlife guide

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