Hugs are for Every One

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By Mary Williard

Hugs make us happy, hugs help us to heal, to love and to be gentle with one another. Open my covers and receive a gentle embrace.

“Some hugs are short, some hugs are long, some hugs are gentle and some hugs are strong!”

“The best kind of hug is a heart to heart hug, a Mother Bear hug!”

Readers of all ages (ages 3 – 104) will delight in the illustrations and story line of Hugs are for Every One… In a very simple and gentle way it teaches and reminds the reader about the essence of a hug, healthy boundaries to a hug, as well as expanding and deepening our awareness regarding the sacredness of all life whether human, animal, mammal, flower or tree – we all need love.

About the Author
Mary and Baron live on 10 acres, nestled in the velvet blue foothills of the Pacific Northwest. Along with their 3 lovely, wonderful, wise dogs, they enjoy walking the land where wildflowers, sunshine, rainbows and snowflakes are in abundance. Blue birds, deer, and the occasional friendly moose are also their neighbors.

Our books remind us and you to connect to one another, Mother Earth and above all ourselves. Reach for the stars, play, eat chocolate, laugh, hug a person and kiss a tree – we all need love!

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