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By John P Morrison

Amazon Bestselling Author and Pro Gambling Champ John P Morrison Sports Betting Series How to Bet On Sports.

If you enjoy wagering on sports, but can’t get the hang of it, How to Bet on Sports will take you all the way from being a betting square (novice) to becoming a sharp (respected player) in one easy read.

Written for beginners and intermediate bettors alike, How to Bet on Sports is designed for those of you who are still not consistently winning bets.

Learn the most popular sports betting systems and strategy for each sport. How to Bet on Horse Racing, Betting on Football, NBA Betting, College Basketball Bet, Soccer Betting, Betting on Golf, UFC Betting, Boxing Betting, How to Bet on Baseball, Hockey Betting and most all betting sports are all explored in this volume including the best free online sports betting sportsbook website for each individual sport.

It is here that bettors can compare betting systems and strategies, learn how to apply them with in-depth examples, and also learn the fundamentals of each sport in order to further understand why and how sportsbooks and bookmakers pick the odds the way they do. With this book, a novice bettor cannot only keep their bankroll for the whole season, but collect some decent payoffs along the way as well.

This is the most up to date sports betting guide on the market for 2012. Best sections in my opinion are betting on horse racing and betting on basketball but all sports are touched on quite well. Written well not dry, clear and easy to understand I’m anxious for this author to release more on specific sports betting niches. Joel Huhta

I’ve been betting on sports for over 12 years I purchased this book not expecting to learn anything but because I’ve heard this author knows his stuff and I’m a collector. There are solid fundamentals you need to know in all betting sports. This book teaches them. Read this book first, learn how sports betting works on each sport, decide what sport you think you like most, then dive deeper into the sport you decide to specialize in. But anyway this is a solid straight to the point easy read and reference guide. Jim Evans

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