Hey! It’s Me, Putty!

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By Mary Lockey

Emily Jane Putnam, aka Putty, an orphan, lives a peaceful life in a group home in the small village of Garland’s Ford in the southern mountains of North Carolina. Though she has intellectual and emotional challenges, Putty possesses a keen eye and open heart when it comes to life and love.
Just ask Maggie Stephens, the new rector at St. Francis Episcopal Church. Maggie accepts her first call to a church after being honest with the search committee about her sexuality. While she finds a welcoming parish, she also finds love, thanks to Putty. Though Maggie is the cleric, Putty’s purity of heart and her simple understanding of God’s love teach Maggie as much as anything she studied in seminary.
Or ask Anne Calvert, Putty’s elegant neighbor and benefactor. Anne has been widowed for over twenty years. Is her heart ready to love again? Putty says yes! Putty helps revive Anne’s activist spirit with the town council of Garland’s Ford threaten to close the group home.
Ask Sophie, Anne’s spitfire of a sister, about Putty’s ability to understand life and love. In an effort to help keep the group home open for Putty Sophie lands herself in a bit of hot water when she sells ads to go in the church bulletin. It is Sophie who meets Putty after each monthly fire drill in the group home – holding Putty and comforting her through the terror and torment that the fire drill causes. But even Sophie cannot unlock the secret to Putty’s extreme reaction.
Finally, ask ER, Maggie’s Golden Retriever. Lovable ER (short for Eleanor Roosevelt) becomes Putty’s best friend and is with Putty on the day Maggie is brutally attacked. ER is also with Putty at the fire drill when Putty remembers the “fire night” and the threat to “tell no other person” what happened. So Putty tells ER.
Once you meet Putty and her friends, you will want to move to Garland’s Ford. And you will be welcome and made to feel right at home!

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords and/or Amazon at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/555219.

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