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By Jean M. Kraemer, MA, LPC

Written by a grief counselor with over 20 years of experience, Grief: Let’s Talk explains about common grief response and provides suggestions for adjusting after the death of someone loved. Although written by a mental health professional, you won’t find pages of psychological terms. Instead, you’ll feel the reassurance of having had a conversation with a knowledgeable and trusted friend.
Jean has created a down-to-earth, helpful guide for those who are grieving—”those who are intensely and appropriately grieving,” she writes. Her wisdom obviously flows out of her extensive work with the bereaved as a hospice professional. Her conversational style, her practical advice, and her honest perspective all make for genuine support at a critical juncture in one’s life. Her book will give anyone who’s intensely grieving the help and hope they need and deserve.
–James E. Miller
Willowgreen Inc.
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Grief can be a constant companion as we cope with the loss of a loved one. It has many faces that Jean Kraemer has so effectively described here in this booklet. I would try to escape my grief, but it would come back to me when I relived my tragedy over and over again. So often I was full of emotion wondering, “Did I love enough, did I say it enough before my dear one died?” I lost my husband in the fall of 2008, just after he became President of the American Medical Association. Ron went for a check up to find out why he was feeling nauseas and a battery of tests revealed pancreatic cancer. He was gone in eight months. My grief was profound, and while there were times I could smile, there were many days of intense sadness. I felt disconnected from life sometimes, however I lived it every day, going through a daily routine. Thoughts of Ron were with me always, and I knew my life had changed, but I wasn’t sure how to adapt to life without someone I had been with for 30 years. I cried often, and I now understand what is means to cry deeply–to wail in grief. We have three sons, our youngest just 16 when Ron died. I wanted to look strong for them, but mostly I was tired and I felt so very alone. This booklet has helped me to see that there is no right way to grieve. Jean Kraemer has 20 years of grief counseling experience. Through her work I could see that I was not alone–that others had experienced what I was feeling. Jean has been with many grieving people and has helped them through the wide range of emotion that is so much a part of dealing with the death of someone we love deeply. She has even suggested helpful things we can do that may help us through our dark days. I am glad that I read this booklet and followed some of Jean’s suggestions. We have all moved on and created new lives for ourselves, but Ron is with us always.
–Nadine M. Davis, widow of Ron M. Davis, M.D.

A refreshing and comforting perspective on grief from a bereavement counselor who truly understands what it means to grieve in today’s society. I will absolutely give this book to my clients who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Not only does the book give comfort, it educates, and gives concrete ideas of how one can begin to process their grief. Well-written and a manageable read for someone who is grieving and may not want or be able to sit down to read hundreds of pages. What a wonderful resource!
–Emily Weissman, MA, LAPC
Child, Adolescent, and Parenting Support Therapist
Marietta, GA

Jean Kraemer knows how to talk about grief. Her book, Grief: Let’s Talk, is insight gleaned from years of bereavement counseling. She sets the tone of a good friend while providing common sense advice to those lost in the wilderness of grief. Hers is a voice seldom heard but sorely needed. Our deepest pain is often hard to reach, but Ms. Kraemer’s words go a long way to soothe the darkest despair. If you know someone who is grieving, give them a copy of this book. It says everything you’d wish you’d thought of.
–Gale Massey
Grief…reminders for healing

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