Gonna Buy Me A Dog

goodlife guide

by Penny Diloreto

“Oh daddy, can I keep him?…Please! Powerful persuaders our little ones and Dad is seldom a match for them.

However the story seldom ends there. It might take a couple of days, weeks or a few months but no matter the time frame the questions and pleas for help are normally the same: “How do I get this dog to stop peeing on my floor?” My dog won’t come when I call him” Or: “my dog is chewing on, well everything what do I do?”

This stage is what I normally refer to as the New Dog Hangover or the Morning After Phase. The time where the thrill and excitement of owning a new pet ends and the reality of responsible dog ownership begins.

This book is a must read for individuals who are “just looking” and are not ready to commit to having a new dog or puppy in their home. However, this book is also intended for those people who already have a 4-legged friend and now want or need a little assistance. This is not another “Dog Training” handbook; in fact, it is the opposite. This is more of a “People Training” book for dogs.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/101661.

Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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