Gloria the Chipmunk

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By Richard Tornello
Illustrated by Jannine Breddy

Gloria The Chipmunk includes a series of engaging full color illustrations complemented by dynamic graphite sketches. Gloria the Chipmunk by author and poet Richard Tornello is a dynamite children’s debut fantasy collection about a few furry forest folks. Three winsome, fast-paced, and cheeky fables in all,Richard Tornello creates an imaginative, down to earth world that is filled with camaraderie, team spirit, and a few nut gatherers. One of them is Gloria, a plucky chipmunk who is the youngest of her wee rodent clan. Not known as the sharpest tool in the shed, there are many who mistake Gloria’s quiet ways, but, in this truly generous coming of age narrative, Gloria takes center stage when she embarks on new adventures and demonstrates that she is one smart cookie. As she makes her way in the woods, she learns how to fend for herself, how to keep her own counsel, and, no matter what, do what is in her heart. Perfect for intermediate readers, these stories are great fun for the whole family.

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eBook formatting and Cover Design by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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