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By Jeani-Rose Atchison

Is your food making you ill?
Taking you through processes that eventually brings your meal to your plate, Jeani-Rose writes how most manufactured food is the core reason for poor health today. She also links how everything we eat, drink, place on our skin or hair and breathe has a direct impact on our health.
Inspiring and insightful, this informative book is written with two distinct sections. The first, as a well researched narrative on the environmental and nutritional effects of our diet. Besides covering how different food components work in the body there are also chapters on MSG, GMO, water and many more.
The second part has well over 200 simple, step by step whole food vegetarian recipes. From ferments and salads to milks and desserts, just about everything one needs to know about food and eating is in this wonderful book.
“They say knowledge is power but I believe acting on knowledge is more powerful. Jeani-Rose gives you the knowledge that is required to not only shift your own health but that of the planets.” -Cyndi O’meara best selling author of Changing Habits, Changing Lives
“This is just the type of book we need more of. Not only an inspiring account of why we need to return to natural whole foods as the mainstay of our diet, but most importantly, packed full of simple, step-by-step recipes to help you make it happen. A great addition to any kitchen or bookshelf.” – Mark Bunn author of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Health
Praise for Jeani-Rose’s writing;
“I thought I would write to tell you how much I love your book. I have a shelf full of about two dozen cookbooks, most of them vegan, and yours is the one I consider most reliable. I like the fact that you think more about nutrition than a typical cookbook author does, meaning that I can think about it less just by choosing your recipes.” – Tracye B.
“A friend loaned me your book. It was a huge inspiration to me, thank you for it.” – Gretchen H.
“Whenever I want to cook a good meal I always reach for your book. I have never been disappointed.” – Mindy C.
Internationally known author of ‘Healing with Whole Foods’, Paul Pitchford, wrote, “Jeani-Rose has created a book that is an essential stepping stone for anyone interested in obtaining or maintaining good health.”
This latest work is meant to be thought provoking yet practical in its approach to living a healthier and more balanced life. One person can make a difference and it can be achieved in the home by the choices an individual makes and the understanding of the consequences of those choices.

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