Fifty, Female & Fabulous: A Holistic Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships

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By Barbara Villemez

At the age of fifty and older many women come to a crossroads. We question our beliefs about the essential nature of our lives. Fifty, Female & Fabulous tells us that we are okay no matter what we believe, but it gives us tools to change areas of our lives that are no longer working. This book is not about faith, but about the spiritual underlining our day to day lives. Learning to love unconditionally others as well as ourselves, seeing the beauty that is all around us and in us, accepting that we create the situations that can cause trauma, grief and chaos, and learning how to change these creations is a major part of the visualizations and exercises that comprise this book. Enjoy and accept that we women represent the Divine Feminine that is making Herself prevalent in the 21st Century.

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