Egypt Unsh@ckled

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by Denis Campbell

Egypt is a land of mystery many long for the chance to discover. Filled with rich historical treasures and pristine beaches, it is a place of heroic accomplishments. For 18 days, the world watched spellbound as young technology-inspired heroes, awoke a nation causing it to rise up and topple a brutal dictator. Converting Cairo’s Tahrir Square to ‘ground zero,’ these unlikely heroes slew the powerful dragon Mubarak and led a people’s revolution.

Using social media as their ‘Tip of the Sword,’ demonstrators took a country with limited Internet usage and changed the face of journalism forever. Through sheer will, they kept this story alive, leading every newspaper and TV broadcast for nearly three weeks.

Democracy is messy. It can take years, even decades from winning independence to form a working government. Egypt has had six months.

The world fell in love with their great story of how a group of young people infected everyone with a love of country and desire for freedom. They fought for the heart and soul of Egypt and we watched. Now here’s the back story from those who lived it.

Denis G. Campbell is a UK-based journalist. He helps the reader relive the 18 days through his analysis and database of Tweets, Facebook posts, RSS feeds, YouTube videos and photos used by demonstrators and reporters in Tahrir Square. He publishes UK Progressive Magazine and contributes politics and business articles for several global newspapers and magazines. He also provides regular commentary for BBC, China Radio International and others.

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