Dirty Numbers

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By Kim Cayer

Phone sex – a most lucrative business! A creative non-fiction novel, with actual dialogue from real men, written from the operator who worked at one of these places. Being the initial person a customer reaches, Jessie must sort through all the degenerates to find an actual paying customer. You’ll discover the personalties of the “sexy” phone mates and root for Jess’s boyfriend to stick around.
Looking for a secretarial position, Jessie lands a job as a receptionist. On her first day of work, she is shocked to discover she’s working for a phone sex operation. She is not your sexy ooohhh and aaahhh phone-mate; rather, she’s the beleaguered operator who has to field all the initial calls to the company. Wading through all the degenerate obscene callers and masturbators, Jessie is looking for Mr. Right – the guy who fills all the criteria needed to receive a collect call from his lady of choice. At first the job sickens her, but before long, placing an order for a shaved busty blonde dominatrix becomes as mind-numbing as if the guy had ordered a take-out pizza. Still, there are plenty of calls that continue to shock or amuse Jessie. Due to her skills at handling the work, Jessie is moved up to the night shift, which is ten times busier. The job is supposed to be a means to an end – to save up enough money so that Jessie can open up a fabric shop, her dream job. Meanwhile, the stable relationship Jessie has with her boyfriend Jimmy is rocked by her employment at the Sex Shop. Everything sexual now feels forced and immoral. Jessie lasts six months before she feels the job will get the better of her. Meanwhile, the boss listens in to phone calls, only to discover how much the customers like talking to the operator. The lucrative aspect of the phone sex business is explored, as well as the “sexy” phone-mates true personalities and those of the Sex Shop owners. This is a true story, written by a moral woman who couldn’t believe that men could have such filthy or unrealistic fantasies. From day one at this job, copious amounts of notes and actual dialogue were taken home. What kind of men call these places? What are those phone-mates really like? And will Jessie end up as a phone-mate?

You can purchase the book online from Amazon or Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/403089.

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goodlife guide

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