Dance of the Springs

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By Nick Cascino

Those of us who cherish the forbidden fruit are defined by the thrills we seek; the arousal of love, the exhilaration of sport, the stimulation of risk, the seduction of high speeds, and many more exhilarations that combine in endless ratios. They spiral us in the shape of a vortex, from the quantum center of our brain to the infinity of the universe, and back again. Along that spiral, that bending ladder, that uncoiling snake, we are sucked higher and lower by buoyancy and darkness, moving as notes across the octaves. For as Pythagoras stated; there is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.

For a young couple seeking purity in Saratoga Springs as they embark on new careers, the height of the racing season becomes a clash between the poetry of dance and galloping horses versus the vile forces of greed, drug addiction and animal abuse. The only solution for a woman and a city on the verge of destruction is the merging of the golden geometry that spans all ages and the magic of the music of the spheres.

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